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Annual Meeting
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On March 4, the Seattle and King County Public Health Department issued new public health recommendations to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. Among these recommendations was a request to organizers of large public gatherings to avoid bringing large groups of people together and consider postponing events and gatherings.


Based on these recommendations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) information, and numerous travel restrictions issued by companies and medical institutions, and in keeping with the decision of SIR to cancel their meeting, the Annual Meeting to be held by AVIR will also be canceled.


Are you refunding my AVIR registration fee?

Yes. The third-party registration site will automatically refund your AVIR registration. They are currently working through this process and appreciate your patience during this time.  We anticipate you will see a full refund on your credit card within 30 days.  If you paid by means other than credit card, the third-party registration site will be reaching out to you. You will receive a cancellation confirmation once your record has been canceled. As we learn more about the timing, we will provide you with additional updates.


How can I cancel my hotel room reservation?

If you booked within the official SIR hotel block, the third-party site will be canceling your reservation with the hotel. If you wish to keep your reservation, please reach out to the hotel directly to rebook your reservation. 

If you did not book within the official SIR hotel block, you will need to cancel directly with the hotel.


Sheraton:                           (206) 621-9000

Fairmont:                           (206) 621-1700
Hyatt Regency:                  (206) 973-1234
Grand Hyatt:                      (206) 774-1234
Hyatt Olive 8:                     (206) 695-1234


Are you refunding flight or other travel costs?

No. We will not refund individual travel costs. If you purchased travel insurance, please contact your provider for information and next steps. Many airlines are either waiving cancellation fees or considering the action that precipitated your cancellation. Please contact your airline to see if your ticket qualifies. We apologize for any inconvenience and challenges this may cause you.


Please continue to monitor the website for CEU opportunities in the coming months.  We hope to offer recorded material for your education needs.



Saturday, March 28
1p-5:30p Extreme IR  Ziv Haskal, MD, FSIR WSCC, Ballroom 6B
630p-730pOpening Reception Sheraton Grand Ballroom
Sunday, March 29
730a-800aContinental Breakfast/President's WelcomeMike Kelly, RT(R)(CV) RCIS; Christine Keough, BSN, RN, CRNGrand Ballroom C/D
800a-900a(Gold Medal Lecture) Evolution NOT Revolution: Indispensable CareJanice Newsome, MD, FSIRGrand Ballroom C/D
900a-1000aNext Generation BiotherapeuticsRahmi Oklu, MD, PhD, FSIRGrand Ballroom C/D
1015a-1115aHybrid Procedures: How Do We Make This Happen?Shelly Brancatelli, RSRS, RPA/RRA, RT(R)(CV)Grand Ballroom C/D
1115a-1215pCoagulation and Anti-Coagulation in the IR Suite: What Everyone Needs to Know Arturo Gonzales, MDGrand Ballroom C/D
130p-230pThe Work-Life Balance FantasyAgnes Solberg, MDGrand Ballroom C/D
230p-300pResearch Opportunities in RadiologyJessica Borges, RT(R)(VI)Grand Ballroom C/D
300p-330pHere for a Reason - My Personal Experience as a Nurse and Patient with a Deadly PEHeather Miller, RN, BSNGrand Ballroom C/D
300p-4:30p Balloon Pulmonary Angioplasty for Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension Sanjeeva Kalva, MD, FSIR; Anil Pillai, MD, FSIRWSCC, Rooms 613-614
345p-445pRadial Access Complications & How to Avoid ThemVivian Bishay, MDGrand Ballroom C/D
 445p-500pLocal Chapter Q&A w/ Director at LargeHannah Smith, RT(R)(VI)Outside Ballroom D
Monday, March 30
730a-800aCommitment to Safety in IRAdam Rubin, RT(R)(VI)Grand Ballroom D
800a-830aImage Guided Tumor AblationBenjamin Pomerantz, MDGrand Ballroom D
8:30a-900aAortic Fenestration David Williams, MD, FSIRGrand Ballroom D
8:30a-1000a Y-90 Dosimetry: From Basic to AdvancedNima Kokabi, MD, FRCPC; S. Cheenu Kappadath, PhDWSCC, Room 604
900a-930aCrucial Conversations-Team Dynamics Gary Siskin, MD, FSIRGrand Ballroom D
930a1000aComplex IVC Filter RemovalsBob Dixon, MD, FSIRGrand Ballroom D
1000a-1015aLocal Chapter Q&A w/ Director at LargeHannah Smith, RT(R)(VI)Outside Ballroom D
1015a-1045aProstate Artery Embolization for BPHSandeep Bagla, MDGrand Ballroom D
1045a-1145aIR Cases of the YearSamantha Kobeissi, MPH, RT(R)(VI); Sarah Khoncarly, MD; Michelle Maneevese, MD; Teeni-Yanei Sanchez, RT(R); Mamdouh Khayat, MD; Ben Heydari, RT(R)(VI)Grand Ballroom D
1245p-115pObesity and IRJ.David Prologo, MD, FSIR, ADOM-DGrand Ballroom D
115p-145pLymphatic Imaging and InterventionBill Majdalany, MDGrand Ballroom D
145p-215pPAD & CLI in 2020: State of the ArtKeith Pereira, MDGrand Ballroom D
215p-245pComplex Hemodialysis AccessMark Lessne, MDGrand Ballroom D
245p-315pPatient Selection for Liver TherapySam Mouli, MD, MSGrand Ballroom D
330p-400pBone Tumors, Fractures & Other MSK InterventionsJason Levy, MDGrand Ballroom D
400p-430pCosmetic IR: From Head to ToeAaron Shiloh, MD, FSIRGrand Ballroom D
430p-500pVenous InterventionsGail Peters, MDGrand Ballroom D
530p-630pVendor Showcase & MixerOutside Ballroom D
Tuesday, March 31
730a-800aCoding for Interventional Radiology: Back to the BasicsJeni Eklund, RT(R(M)(CV), CIRCC; Stephanie Dybul, RT(R)(CV), CIRCCGrand Ballroom D
800a-830aPediatric Vascular Interventions: Clinical and Technical InnovationAhmad Alomari, MD, MSc, FSIRGrand Ballroom D
830a-900aEmborrhoid: Embolization of Rectal Arteries for the Treatment of Bleeding from HemorrhoidsVincent Vidal, MD, PhDGrand Ballroom D
830a-1000aControversies in Portal HypertensionWael Saad, MBBCh, FSIR; Maureen Kohi, MD, FSIR WSCC, Room 303
900a-930aIntravascular Ultrasound Guidance (ICE) for TIPS Shunt CreationAdeel Shahid, MDGrand Ballroom D
930a-1000aRenal Cell Carcinoma Ablation & Embolization Nima Kokabi, MD, FRCPCGrand Ballroom D
1000a-1015aLocal Chapter Q&A w/ Director at LargeHannah Smith, RT(R)(VI)Outside Ballroom D
1015a-1045aEndoleak EmbolizationMinhajuddin Khaja, MD, MBA, FSIRGrand Ballroom D
1045a-1115aEmbolization in Obstetrics and GynecologyTheresa Caridi, MD, FSIRGrand Ballroom D
1115a-1145aAI for Augmenting Radiology & Why Future Radiologists may not be RadiologistsMatt Lungren, MD, MPHGrand Ballroom D 
1145a-1215pAVIR - Your Community, Get InvolvedRennie Mohabir, MBA, RT(R) Grand Ballroom D
115p-145pPoster Abstract PresentationsSubmitting PresentersGrand Ballroom D
145p-215pTricky TIPS: When Everything Goes WrongMaureen Kohi, MD, FSIRGrand Ballroom D
215p-245pPTC: Fundamental ApproachWael Saad, MBBCh, FSIRGrand Ballroom D
245p-315pEndovascular Stenting in Dural Venous Sinus Stenosis for the Treatment on Pseudotumor Cerebri (PTC)Marin Radvany, MD 
330p-400pEllipsys: Percutaneous Fistula for HemodialysisJeffrey Hull, MDGrand Ballroom D
400p-430pEmbolization at 50,000 Feet: Science and an Eye to the FutureZiv Haskal, MD, FSIRGrand Ballroom D
430p-500pPAD: Drug-Eluting TechnologyRobert Lookstein, MD, MHCDL, FSIR, FAHA, FSVMGrand Ballroom D
Wednesday, April 01
830a-1000a(SIR Joint Session)  Radiology Outreach: Around the World in Unlimited ImagesDavid J. Prologo, MD, FSIR, ABOM-D; Beth Santori, RT(R)(CV)(VI)(CT)(MR); Karen Pucino, BSN, RNWashington State Convention Center- Ballroom 6B

 *Schedule is subject to change; 



Registration Rates



Early (before Jan. 10)

EXTENDED THRU 1/31/2020!!

Jan.11 – Feb. 14

Feb. 15 – March 27

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*Single day rates are available when you login to register




Hotel Information


Sheraton Grand Seattle (Host Hotel)
1400 6th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
Rates (per night)
Single/Double: $229

Fairmont Olympic Hotel - Seattle
411 University Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Rates (per night)
Single/Double: $249

Grand Hyatt Seattle
721 Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Rates (per night)
Single/Double: $269

Hyatt at Olive 8
1635 8th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
Rates (per night):
Single/Double: $269

Hyatt Regency
808 Howell Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Rates (per night)
Single/Double: $243


Rate Integrity

Throughout the booking process, AVIR/SIR monitors the hotel rates in Seattle. You can rest assured that we are working hard to get the best rates for you!

Hotel Liaisons

AVIR has a team of professionals who monitors our hotel block while onsite at the meeting and makes sure your stay in Seattle is the best it can be. 

Walk/Relocation Policy

Just like airlines, hotels sometimes oversell the amount of rooms they have available on a given night. As an AVIR participant booked within the official block, you are protected if this situation arises.

International Group Registration and Housing

International group coordinators may submit a request for housing packages. Discounted registration rates are also available. Please click here to the SIR housing bureau website for details. Please note: Experient manages the SIR housing bureau and is our only approved partner for hotel reservations. 

CONTACT: Julie Orlando, Annual Meeting Chair




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